Luxury garment caretaker

Dear Clients! If you need a Luxury garment caretaker, or you want to consult on the selection of such a specialist, leave a request and contact information and we will contact you within one working day to answer your questions.
Luxury garment caretaker provides comprehensive care for all family members’ wardrobe.
The basic requirements to a Luxury garment caretaker:
preferably has education and experience in the field of light industry, household services, dry cleaning, similar experience as a Luxury garment caretaker is a plus.

luxury garment caretaker in KievLuxury garment caretaker provides full care for the family wardrobe:
1. sorting the laundry, hand and machine washing;
2. ironing of clothes, home textiles;
3. minor repairing of things;
4. laying out and hanging things;
5. caring of shoes, accessories, bags, hats, coats, etc .;
6. sending items to the dry cleaners, for repairing in workshops;
7. seasonal changing of clothes;
8. caring dressing rooms and home appliances, maintaining it in working condition (vacuum cleaners, washing, drying, ironing etc.).
9. helping with packing suitcases for traveling

Agency Sweet Home offers its clients a professional selection of  and the region.
Please contact the manager of the agency if you have any questions.

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