Infant/ toddler nanny

As a rule is someone who obtained medical education, who has practical experience of working with babies at medical institutions, maternity homes, similar practical experience in families; holds references. Infant/ toddler nanny knows how to feed newborns in a right way, knows massage, dynamic gymnastic techniques. She has practical skill and experience of how to apply children’s early development techniques as well. Infant/ toddler nanny regularly gets through the official medical examination.

Duties of Infant/ toddler nanny include all complex of works on care and development of a child. She is responsible for daily regimen, cooks and feeds a baby, washes and sterilizes children's ware and dishes. Infant nanny / toddler nanny bathes a baby, is responsible for fulfilling all hygienic procedures, massage, dynamic gymnastic. She plays, goes for a walk with a baby in the fresh air. She is responsible for keeping children's room clean and in order. She also cares for baby's clothes, toys, carriage, accompanies a baby to various children's institutions, and on trips.

For specification of the cost of service concerning the particular vacancy contact the manager of the Agency or fill the request.

The cost of the Agency's services for client is worker's average monthly remuneration once only.


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