Dear customers, if you want to find a maid or consult on the domestic staff selection, leave a request or contact information, and we will contact you within one working day to answer your questions.
The maid - a specialist who performs professional routine and general house cleaning.

 the house maidBasic requirements for the maid
Professional maid should preferably has experience in the cleaning company and a similar experience in the families. The maid, who has such experience, better orientate in matters of professional ethics and professional responsibilities. Maid in Kiev should be constantly aware of the current trends and a proper choice and use of care products for home furnishings, and modern home cleaning equipment.
Responsibilities of a maid:

  • Full care of the house (daily, routine and general cleaning), home furnishings
  • Planning and buying cleaning products and detergents
  • Care about home cleaning technique and maintenance of its operational

In the domestic staffing agency "Sweet home" ongoing courses Housekeeper, where candidates for the maid position who do not have experience in families receive training on the block "house care ". We invite applicants for the maid vacancies in Kiev to visit Vacancies section on our website.

The domestic staffing agency "Sweet home" offers its clients a professional recruitment for vacancies of maid, as well as a selection of domestic staff to other positions.
For more information please contact the manager of the agency.


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