Specialist, obtained technical education, has work experience in municipal services, commercial, building organizations as a mechanic, electrician, sanitary technician, builder, construction superintendent, engineer, technician, etc.  

Duties of Handyman include all technical and economic works within apartment or country house and its adjacent territory. In his responsibilities there are also ensuring of fulltime correct operation of all technical, municipal services; ensuring of house and harvest equipment being in technically good working condition; eliminating small breakages of house inventory, furniture.

Handyman is also responsible for inviting and monitoring of work of technical, supporting, municipal services; performing seasonal works at country house and adjacent territory; cleaning of adjacent territory and keeping all sub constructions clean and in order; taking care of pool, reservoirs and athletic fields; taking care of landscape-gardening facilities (in absence of gardener), taking away snow from territory in winter, firewood chopping, oven and fireplace stoking. Handyman’s duties also may include maintaining the implements and equipment in operational and serviceable condition; purchasing of household appliances, equipment, goods, and products. Reporting on expenses.

For specification of the cost of service concerning the particular vacancy contact the manager of the Agency or fill the request.

The cost of the Agency's services for client is worker's average monthly remuneration once only.

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