As a rule has professional education. Operational experience not less than 3 years as a Gardener,  phytodesigner, in landscape-gardening, recommendations. Bases of agronomics, dendrology, protection of ornamental plants against wreckers, bases of mechanization of works in decorative gardening, gardening, reproduction of decorative-deciduous plants. Experience in landscape and phytodesign.  

Duties of a Gardener:

Care and cultivation of flower, decorative, tree plants, gardening and accomplishment of territories with application of landscape-gardening techniques, organization and maintenance of lawns, garden paths. Pest control and disease control of the flowers, decorative and tree cultures. Design of premises on internal gardening and interior phytodesign, care of home plants.


For specification of the cost of service concerning the particular vacancy contact the manager of the Agency or fill the request.

The cost of the Agency's services for client is worker's average monthly remuneration once only.

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