Domestic couple team

Domestic couple team, as a rule, already have similar work experience, are usually invited for work to country houses with accommodation, provide full-service home and family care.  Age: 30 – 55 years.

Responsibilities of married couples include cleaning a house, all buildings and outbuildings on the territory of a country house property, gardening, ensuring smooth operation of all technical services. Cooking, table setting and serving, taking care of home furnishings, wardrobe, footwear, goods purchasing, babysitting during the absence of adults, taking care of pets, house plants may also be included. Their duties also include meeting guests, assisting with family celebrations, events, running errands.


For specification of the cost of service concerning the particular vacancy contact the manager of the Agency or fill the request.

The cost of the Agency's services for client is worker's average monthly remuneration once only.

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