House/Estate Manager

Is someone who has higher education, has experience of working in sphere of house service in elite level apartments or country houses, in sphere of restaurant, hotel business; is someone who holds references. House/Estate Manager owns basic economic skills, planning and housekeeping skills, leadership qualities, is experienced in human resources management.

In the area of responsibility of House Manager / Estate Manager there are organizing of all types of works on household management of a specific country house, arranging cozy atmosphere for a whole family, providing all administrative, repair and construction works, planning, managing and resolving all domestic issues, inviting and monitoring the work of technical and support services. House Manager / Estate Manager manages household staff by means of planning, selection, organizing and work performance monitoring; is responsible for creating work, rest, holidays schedules, occasionally selecting substitutes  for an absent personnel. House Manager / Estate Manager welcomes guests, organizes and assists with various house celebrations and events, performs other commissions of house owners.  


For specification of the cost of service concerning the particular vacancy contact the manager of the Agency or fill the request.

The cost of the Agency's services for client is worker's average monthly remuneration once only.

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