Personal chef

As a rule is someone who is specially trained as a technician-technologist of cooking, food processing engineer of cooking, cook-culinary specialist, cook-confectioner, chef. Grade not less than 4. Usually holds references.

Personal chef work experience as a Personal chef in sphere of restaurant business, in families, experience of cooking dishes of different level of complexity, dishes from banquet menu, dishes of different national origin, and dietary, vegetarian dishes. Personal chef also knows how to use modern kitchen equipment; skillfully plans groceries purchasing taking into account specificity of their keeping. Personal chef knows how to competently serve the table, serve food.

Personal chef’s Duties:

Duties for Personal chef include managing all questions concerning nutrition of family members, personalized menu drafting, groceries shopping, dishes preparations, table lying, dishes serving, table and kitchen cleaning, keeping kitchen accessories in order, keeping kitchen equipment in good working condition, reporting on expenses. Assisting with family celebrations, banquets may also be included. 



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