For Employer

Cooperation with our agency includes some stages:

1.      Request for staffing

2.      Acquaintance with conditions of Agency agreement.

3.      Selecting of staff among the candidates, proposing by our manager.

4.      Signing the agreement and paying the services.

5.      Starting cooperation with the staff

6.      Guarantee service during the agreement conditions.

Our cooperation starts with your request for staffing. To apply your request you can fill the request on the site, making a call , or coming to our office. Applying the request you can do yourself or through your representative. If you entrust somebody with it, please make sure that you provide your representative with all necessary information about the request details.

You may become familiar with the terms and conditions of agreement in advance. Our manager provides you with this information when you call, or will send you the agreement at you e-mail on request.

If the right candidate is in our data base, we are able to propose his/her  application to you during 1 or 2 days, or we will do special searching, after adjusting the terms to you.

 Before offering you the candidates we carry out careful selection, which consists of several stages: pre-selection of candidates’ resumes, registration at the Agency’s office, data gathering about a candidate, documentation checking,  personal interview with a manager of the Agency, reference check.

After that we give you the most corresponding candidates for the declared vacancy. We will provide you with the candidate’s applications in any suitable way for you: phone, fax, e-mail.

After that you need to make a choice of the right candidate, which you are ready to invite to a probation period.

To organize your interview with the candidates we have special comfortable space in our office at your disposal. If you are satisfied with the interview results and wish to invite candidate for probation period you have to sign the agreement and pay agency’s fees.  After that the candidate starts working at your place.

Our guarantee service includes replacements and hr consulting during all period of our agreement.

We wish you a good chose and good cooperation!


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