Home service in Ukrainian.


Most employers offering work at home, want to see a perfect domestic worker. It should be perfect professional, clearly understanding  their tasks, be appropriate initiative. In addition, to be honest, sociable, friendly, love your work, take care of the property of the employer, has never come into the house with a bad mood, be tactful and flexible, punctual and conscientious, have a nice and neat appearance. The employee must choose the correct course of action with each member of the family and with the rest of the staff to be inconspicuous, loyal, work long and did not ask for a pay raise.

What Ukrainian employer is willing to offer in return for such a list of qualities of the worker?

Perhaps schedule that will allow the employee to effectively and without strain to work for so long, efficiently and with pleasure, as the owners want? Or democratic, respectful and welcoming environment in which loyalty and high motivation will be an absolute rule. Or maybe, social guarantees, such as the normal work schedule, a moderate load, the official salary, paid vacation, sick leave, stable rate that will be paid, even if the departure of employers for a long time. And once the employer can not find any or everything in its place, he will not rush to the accusations against his housemade, so you do not have to apologize, when it turns out that the employer himself put the thing is not the place. And if you prepare a professional family chef, do not jump to the conclusion that he poisoned you, if you feel unwell, try to understand and express charges, only if you have good arguments to prove that the chef is responsible for your poor health.

Domestic staff who survived the unsubstantiated accusations, gets serious stress. And employers who do not understand why in the home when not so many professionals need to understand that sometimes decent wages loses its appeal in the presence of a set of other negative factors. It is much easier and safer to work as a cleaner in the clinic and drag behind a mop on floors than work as a specialist by VIP wardrobe or engage in professional maid and cleaning the house is 700 sq.m. or to conduct VIP wardrobe - not commensurate responsibility.

Therefore, if the Ukrainian employer wants to have a decent service in your home, it is worth considering whether it is worthy of the employer.

Domestic staffing agency sweet home offers a professional selection of domestic staff - housemaid Kiev, a maid, a specialist in the VIP wardrobe, family chef, nanny, governess Kiev, gardener, managing a country house or housekeeper, handyman, family driver in Kiev and suburbs.

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