Who is such "professional nurse"

According to the "formula of professionalism", professionalism = knowledge + experience + ethics.

So, knowledge. A professional nurse must possess the constantly enriched knowledge in area of child's psychology, physiology, health, development and education. Such knowledge can give both profile educational establishments (pedagogical and medical) and alternative sources (courses, training, special literature etc.). And the more quality modern sources are involved by a nurse, the higher level of her professional knowledge.

Experience. Besides hard knowledge, a nurse will be able to come up professionalism at least in 2 of continuous experience, with full employment, desirably within the scope of one family. Though, not insignificantly, what requirements to the nurse were produced in this family, i.e. "quality of experience". Experience must include such aspects of care as ability to organize and observe day regime of child,  hygienic procedures, preparation of child's food, feeding, walks, organization of leisure time and developing games. A nurse should be able to care about the child’s clothes, escort the child in journeys, tidy up the child’s room, taking into account modern requirements to the hygienic norms of cleaning up of such apartments.  Experience of accompanying children to the kid’s clubs, for the different courses, abroad and so on, is also important. Preferably that nurse had an experience permanent contact with the pediatricians and teachers (if a child visits preschool or school establishments).

Ethics. Perhaps, even having knowledge and experience, a nurse has to possess professional ethics to be a professional. A professional nurse must possess such internals as responsibility, flexibility, tolerance, even temper, tactfulness. A nurse must be simultaneously demanding and benevolent, confidence and modest, open and unobtrusive. A nurse must be well-groomed, aesthetical appearance, set an example of aesthetics, tidiness and carefulness.

A nurse can give professional recommendations on questions of safety, care, education and development of child. At the same time the nurse has to hold and translate vision of parents on these, and always to adhere to parents requirements. It is important, that a nurse held certain invisible distance during work in family, producing the clear understanding of family and near circle and understanding that for a child, that a nurse is not included in the circle of family members. It will give an opportunity to avoid a psychological trauma for a child when parting with a nurse.

If a nurse possesses all enumerated internals, then she is a professional and will be always highly sought.

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According to the "formula of professionalism", professionalism = knowledge + experience + ethics.





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