Domestic staffing agency "Sweet Home"

«There is no place lovelier than home»

Moving in step with progress, every year life becomes more comfortable, elegant and gets not only a new sense, but also a new style.

Household chores are a part of our life. Nevertheless, if doing those takes a lot of private time and demands super efforts, it turns into a problem. Today hundred thousands of families use domestic personnel services in Ukraine. Housework becomes one of the most demanded services, the main value of which, besides of saving our private time, is a need for a professional approach to arrange family living and household management.

Domestic staffing agency "Sweet Home" Kiev provides professional staff recruitment for our client’s houses in Kiev and suburbs of the widest spectrum: infant nanny, preschooler nanny, governesshouse maid, maid, personal chef, gardener, handyman, personal driver, domestic couple team, nursesecurity guard, house manager.

Here you can learn and improve the professionalism of your staff, get advice on issues related to the work of your staff. Vocational training of domestic staff in the Domestic staffing agency "Sweet Home" runs through areas: School for Governess, School for maids, adaptation courses and cooking classes.

If you commit your household chores to us, soon you will realize that your life qualitatively changes and your house becomes more comfortable and cozy!

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